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Partners Kadina Yu and Patrick Whyte opened Conspiracy Culture after becoming dissatisfied with the official facts offered about the September 11th attacks.  They wanted to fill the void of readily available, controversial information through a physical, off-line outlet that could lead people down a path of discovery.  In August 2006 the shop was launched, aiming to satisfy your curiosity. Plaid spoke with Whyte to learn more about the Culture.

Is there one conspiracy that you are most captivated by?  What are your theories on the subject?

It’s hard to choose just one conspiracy, because as you look deeper and deeper you see how they are all intertwined.  For example, to gain world government, individual sovereignty would need to be destroyed; hence, a European union and United Nations.  The moral of the people would also need to be reduced with distractions (materialism), poor health (Codex Alimentarius), and abated social support (attack on the family unit).  Local economies would need to become intertwined, as we see with the International Monetary Fund; spirituality would need to be ambushed by re-writing history; and the masses would have to be kept ignorant by controlling the education system.

These conspirators, the ‘they’ that everyone speaks of, are highly intelligent individuals.  Their grand plan has taken generations of foresight and deception to complete.  They have meticulously subverted society for centuries by taking control of every aspect possible.  “The end justifies the means”, and every conspiracy there is today, somehow brings them closer to their goals.

What subjects do you find are most explored by the patrons during their visits? Have you seen a rise in interest of one particular subject recently?

Our most popular sections are ‘political conspiracies’ and ‘health and environment’.   They are the most digestible sections because they deal with actual events, corporations, or people who are still active today.  These conspiracies have direct influence on people’s lives affecting their laws, what they eat, their healthcare, their financial comfort, et cetera.

People are very interested in the economy.  Peak oil was apparently discussed at the 2005 Bilderberg meeting to use as a means to squeeze out the middle class.  It would increase food prices, as well as basically every other product or service, considering our dependency on oil.  With a crashed economy, eventually we would see martial law in the streets, and “out of chaos comes order”, so next would be micro-chipped people in a cashless world economy.   Six years later, we are seeing the peak prices at the gas pumps, the U.S. getting a downgraded credit score, and massive rioting in the U.K.

The conspiracy world has been talking about the value of gold since the early ‘90s, when gold was valued at about $400 an ounce.  If someone had followed the advice then, they would have made quite a hefty profit by now.  When you see so many of these ‘theories’ come to fruition, you have to question how kooky those theories really are.

What do you look for when choosing guest speakers?  Can anybody come and voice their opinions or must they have a relevant background?

Many of our speakers have approached us with a proposal and we consider whether it would be something that would interest our customers.  We also plan on bringing more prominent researches and authors into Toronto for larger scale events in the near future.

What is your favourite book that you carry? Are you anticipating any new reading material?

Again, it is difficult to pick just one title.  The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin is the be all, end all book on the Federal Reserve and monetary system.  It goes over the cause of wars, boom-bust cycles, inflation, depression, prosperity, and it reads like a detective story!  Griffin definitely makes the elusive concept of fractional banking easier to understand.

Servando Gonzalez’s Psychological Warfare and the New World Order is a new book getting lots of great reviews.  Gonzalez analyzes the insidious war waged on people’s minds with weapons of propaganda, and mass brainwashing using disinformation, cunning, deception and lies.  He goes through the past century of the origins of this quiet, secretive, psychological war and ends with solutions on how we can fight back and win.

Are there any boundaries in terms of the material carried in your store?  Are they first reviewed before hitting the shelves?

The only principle we keep with our material is to stay unbiased.  We have material in the shop that may conflict with our own beliefs, or that we may not necessarily buy into, but we encourage people to broaden their perspectives and you can’t do that by only reading material you agree with.  We focus on suppressed and controversial information.

There are not enough hours in a day for me to watch all the films, or read all the books we get into the shop; however, the material needs to be reviewed to a certain degree when making the decision to bring it in.

What sorts of memorabilia do you carry?

We have a couple newspapers from the JFK assassination that has been donated to us.  We also have a couple print media from September 11th, 2001; a cast model of a very unusual skull excavated from the area around the Nazca lines; some rocks from Area51 in Nevada; a grand master certificate from a Masonic lodge; and a picture of Canada’s AVRO flying saucer, all given to us by customers over the years.

What is your opinion on political actions today?  Are there certain events that need to be critically examined?

The formation of the United States of American has a very interesting history and has often been called “the new Atlantis”.  Many American leaders have admitted to conspiracy by their own accord.  J. Edgar Hoover, the first director of the FBI said “We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.”

Similarly, Rowan Gaither, another American administrator said, “[The task is to] covertly lower the standard of living, the whole social structure of America so that we can be merged with all other nations.”

There are many hidden symbols on the American currency, and even the architecture of their capital, Washington D.C., exposes many strange consistencies.  We have a map of Washington and a dollar bill on display at the shop if anyone would like to see them.  A critical examination of America will lead to their admitted objective for a New World Order and world domination.

Do you feel strongly about encouraging free thinking? Do you offer your own expertise to others or let them form their own opinions?

Of course, otherwise we wouldn’t have put all the time and energy into opening this shop.  People need to realize that the world is not as it appears to be, and that will only happen if they can break free from their Orwellian conditioning and think for themselves.

I  have people come into the shop, or call me with questions all the time.  Whether it is one of my regular customers, media journalists, researchers, or fellow activists, people are always asking me for my opinion.   I have no problem sharing it as long as people remember that I’m not a conspiracy therapist, and they are still responsible for doing their own searching.



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