Photo: Sean Penhall

Robert Weir not only creates gorgeous makeup looks for our mag, other publications and the public too – he also has gorgeous taste! Here he shares where he gets his clothes, coffee and more!


Daniel Ferrera Gallery

I have always loved Daniel Ferrera. As a person he has always been kind and smart, and he knows more about contemporary art than anyone I know. His new gallery is located in a very inconspicuous, converted auto body shop near College and Lansdowne. Don’t let the outside fool you, it is a beautiful bright space with amazing art inside. Be prepared to get inspired.


Rotate This

For music I find my self at same record store I have been visiting for the last 14 years. I find that Rotate This has always managed to hold on to reputation as the record store for music snobs. I love the limited edition vinyl, and it’s a great place to pick up concert tickets.

Photo: Sean Penhall


Okay, start with a buttery  pancake. Cover it with real maple syrup. Then get melted cheese and put it on top. On top of that, layers of delicate brisket that melts in your mouth.  Finish it off with a fried egg. This is a brunch (one of their specials) you can only have once a month, but it is the reason why I love the Bloordale Pantry. Man!!!! Now I am hungry.


People often ask me where I like to shop and where I find my interesting pieces of clothing. They often expect a long answer but it is really just one place. Across from the big rock on Cumberland Avenue in Yorkville, there is a small boutique in the basement level called UPC. The sales girls there have been instrumental in shaping my personal style. I don’t know what I would do without their amazing help and keen eye for style.

Photo: Jessica Milan


It’s a great little store on Queen West, close to the MOCCA. They have this amazing combination of prep and rock that is hard to balance. If you wear an outfit from RUINS from head to toe, the final result always looks effortless and ultra stylish. They carry a great mix of well picked vintage as well as amazing designers from around the world.

Toronto Style Icon

Kasia (Fawn Boutique)

Kasia is one of the coolest girls I know. You may have seen her around the city. She is the Tilda Swinton lookalike who owns Fawn Boutique on Queen West. She always surprises me with the pieces she put together, and it is my goal to have a wardrobe like hers (the male version) as I go through life. The best part is, ladies, if you want to emulate her style you can buy the stuff in her store.


Glad Day Bookstore

On Yonge street near Wellesley there is a small book shop located above another store. It is a place solely dedicated to gay literature. You can find smutty stuff and silly calendars, but you will also find rare books by respected poets, psychologists, queer theorists and fiction authors. It is a great place for gay people to see our history and diversity.


I can rarely drink coffee. When I do its a major treat or a wake up emergency. When I do choose to indulge, it’s at Sam James Coffee Bar. You can honestly taste the love. The baristas are really great people who know there stuff, and it’s cute and small – and the perfect starting place before a walk through the city.

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