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Angela Liddon is a blogger, a vegan, an entrepreneur and an advocate for healthy living. After struggling with eating and exercising from a young age, she started up her blog Oh She Glows in 2008 to keep her on track with a healthy lifestyle. Her blog has become a hub for delicious vegan recipes and an inspiration for readers to stay on track with their own healthy lifestyles.

Liddon’s message is simple. “I write about how I finally found peace with my weight and my body and I want to show others how to listen and trust their body, and that it is ok to eat lots of nutritious food. Food is NOT the enemy”. Food as the enemy is such a common misconception for people trying to lose weight or improve their health. When reading Liddon’s blog, this message will become crystal clear. Having the mindset that you need to fuel your body with food rather than battle with yourself over what you eat is how you can become more aware of your health and improve your body image. Liddon answered a few questions for us about her journey, goals for the future and how she plans on keeping up with her healthy lifestyle.

What is your biggest inspiration to continue your healthy living ways? I know a lot of people have good intentions to keep active and eat well, but sometimes people “fall off the wagon” so-to-speak. How do you stay focused?

My biggest inspiration is how I feel when I’m eating well and exercising on a regular basis. I notice a big change in my mood and energy levels when I’m eating right and staying active. That’s all the motivation I tend to need. I also recognize that it’s normal to have days (or weeks) that aren’t the healthiest whether it be over the holidays or just feeling like I’m in a bit of a slump. I try not to beat myself up for it and know that I will get back on track soon.

What has been the biggest personal gain from having your blog so widely read?

The platform I have on my blog has given me an amazing opportunity to spread my message that it’s possible to recover from disordered eating and develop a healthy, fun relationship with food and exercise. I love sharing my passion for delicious vegan food, photography, and exercise with others. Many women have told me that they’ve made many positive changes in their lives as a result of being inspired by my story. I feel so blessed to have this platform. My readers are also a huge source of inspiration in my own life. It’s definitely a two-way street!

Do you have long-term goals regarding the future success of your blog?

My long-term goals include writing vegan cookbooks, redesigning my blog and creating another website (it’s under wraps for now), and working on my food photography via professional courses. Oh, and a vegan cooking show wouldn’t be so bad, either!

What is something your readers probably don’t know about you?

I’m horrible at staying organized and tidy. You can often find my office in a complete disaster, my business materials scattered about, and my makeup all over the counter in the bathroom. I won’t even get into the kitchen’s disorganization.

If you could give people one piece of advice to make the change to a healthier life, what would it be and why?

Above all, it’s important to believe that you are worthy of the time and energy it requires to make changes in your life. This means making time in your life to prepare healthy meals and penciling in your workout on your calendar. It’s a foreign concept to some, but it’s crucial to make yourself a priority in your own life. If you don’t, who will?

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