Story by Kate Davies
Photo provided by Hot Kid 

Originally from Cambridge, Ontario, this two-piece indie rock group has been steadily churning out albums since 2005. Having already produced five releases, the band is now based in Toronto and set to issue a string of EP’s over the summer. The first of which, Courage to Fight, was released on April 27th and sees a “more mature” approach taken by the band. Comprised of singer/guitarist Shiloh Harrison and drummer/vocalist Rob Butcher, the group moves beyond the gritty garage rock of their past towards a more grown-up and powerful sound. Their twitter account aptly states their status as “blowing ear drums”, a salute to their guitar-driven, punk-infused tunes.

Produced by Juno Award winner Adam King, Courage to Fight follows hot on the heels of the band’s US tour in support of infamous Canadian rockers Sloan. First track “Blind To It” is like a jacked-up Ting Tings, containing enough hooks to sing along to, but living up to the rock-heavy emotionality the band is known for. The duo strips itself down significantly for the rest of the album, showcasing their evolving songwriting abilities. “One More (C’mon C’mon)” pairs a steady White-Stripes drumbeat with muted vocals and beefy guitar licks. Title track “Courage to Fight” is the strongest track on the album, an anthemic, fist-pumping go-getter reminiscent of Muse’s politically-infused “Uprising”. The EP rounds out with “Begin Again”, which displays a lighter side to the band, preparing its listeners for those heated and lazy days of summer through its casual vocals and simple melody.

The EP is available for stream on HotKid’s bandcamp.

Also watch out for the group’s upcoming music video for single “Courage to Fight”.


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