Story by Karen Welcome

Illustration by Madison van Rijn

Sometimes it seems as if girls with straight hair have all the luck. Parading around without a fear of frizz, and a confusion as to why girls with flat-ironed tresses are constantly dodging rain drops. In spite of all the straight hair getting glorified in the media, natural curls are popping up everywhere. Curly girls are taking back the Botticelli aesthetic and giving it a high-end twist. Whether or not you straighten, Plaid has a few tips for letting your curls get some shine.

One thing curly girls must keep in mind is that curls are always quenched. Look out for products with added moisture, like Lush Cosmetic’s R&B (Restore and Balance) Leave-in Conditioner when shopping. Shampooing your hair doesn’t need to occur daily, as it will strip your hair of natural oils; and be strict about your use of silicone-free conditioners to preserve your hair’s moisture. Kiss My Face’s Whenever Conditioner has an assortment of natural ingredients that will provide shine, bounce and manageability. Last but not least, show off your curls. There’s no better way to show your locks some love than by avoiding manipulative and heat-dependent hairstyles. Below are instructions for a couple of our favourite curly dos.

Is there a more classic summer look than the ‘milkmaid’ braid? Create your own braided headband by parting your hair down the middle and braiding a french braid on each side of your head all the way to the ends. Cross each braid to the other side and secure your ends with bobby pins, ensuring your braids create the look of a halo. If you have loose strands leave them be. They’ll frame the face and add a touch of sexiness.

For heat-free beach waves, try allowing braided or twisted wet hair to dry over night. Make sure to wrap your wet braids or twists into a silk scarf to avoid frizz. In the morning work a light styling product in between your fingers as you pull your braids or twists apart – we like Kinky-Curly Curling Custard. Shake out your waves for a wind tossed look and finish with hairspray if desired.

For a retro look, invest in twist rods (available at a beauty supply store like The Beauty Supply Outlet). They’re fairly inexpensive and give great results no matter what your hair’s length. After washing your hair, apply a leave-in or styling product of your choice, then wrap sections of your hair (the smaller the better) on to the twist rods and allow to dry overnight. The morning after you’ll find you have a head full of ringlets. You can go from Shirley Temple tight to Veronica Lake lush by combing out the ringlets into cascading waves – the choice is yours. You can also choose to pull the ringlets apart, piece by piece, to create a head of mass curls that could give Diana Ross a run for her diffuser.

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