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A GUIDE TO DECADENT SKINCARE FOR MEN     Story by Karen Welcome What makes a man’s skin significantly different, you ask? It’s simple: Men have thicker skin than women, and it tends to be more oily. Pair that with having to shave daily (in some cases), and you’ll find that a man’s skin can...
Feeling Nutty

Feeling Nutty

THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF INCORPORATING NUTS INTO YOUR DIET     Story by Jacquie Clancy Snacking on nuts is an easy way to incorporate healthy omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fibre into an everyday routine. However, some of us may be reluctant to indulge in a handful of cashews after checking out the nutritional information....
Dawn Of Man

Dawn Of Man

EVOLVE YOUR STYLE WITH A FEW GREAT PRODUCTS     Photographed by Jaclyn Locke Grooming: Robert Weir (using TRESemmé Hair Care for Ford Artists) Styling: Brian A. Richards (Ford Artists) Model: Alex (Spot 6 Management)
Earthly Delights

Earthly Delights

INGREDIENTS & MATERIALS THAT WILL NATURALLY BOOST YOUR BEAUTY ROUTINE     Story by Karen Welcome Photos by Mark Binks Honey Honey is well known for its anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties because it is filled with vitamins and minerals. Honey’s best beautifying quality is that it works overtime as a humectant and is a great...
Don't Trash Your 'Stache

Don’t Trash Your ‘Stache

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FACIAL MAINTENANCE THIS MOVEMBER     Story by Amanda Elizabeth Smith ‘Tis that time of the year again, when men embrace their inner Burt Reynolds and put down the razor for the month, all in the name of Movember. Although we love the idea of dudes growing mustaches to...
Strokes Of Stillness

Strokes Of Stillness

SET YOUR SIGHTS ON SELF-EXPRESSION WITH A FLURRY OF BOLD COLOURS     Photographed by Clara Copley Makeup: Erika de la Barquera Hair: Chrysostomos Chamalidis Model: Aimee Foy (Storm Models)
One Thousand Mustaches: A Cultural History of the Mo

One Thousand Mustaches: A Cultural History of the Mo

ALLAN PETERKIN’S BOOK REVEALS THE MYSTIQUE OF THE MUSTACHE     Story by Jennifer Ng In honour of Movember, we present to you this year’s most-anticipated mustache anthology – One Thousand Mustaches by Allan Peterkin. The book combines a detailed history of the mustache evolution (and revolution), interspersed with a mustache styling guide. Peterkin’s dry...
101 Markets at 3030

101 Markets at 3030

NEW MONTHLY VINTAGE & HANDMADE MARKETPLACE SETS UP IN THE WEST END     Story by Odessa Paloma Parker Just because winter’s coming doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the convivial atmosphere of markets anymore; many are setting up indoors for the next few months, including the new 101 Markets, which will host their first event...
Backstage Beauty at The Collections

Backstage Beauty at The Collections

HOW TORONTO’S TOP MODELS ACHIEVED RUNWAY READY STATUS THANKS TO M.A.C COSMETICS Story by Jennifer Ng Runway photos by Mark Binks; face charts provided by M.A.C Cosmetics We reviewed the clothes, now let’s look at our favourite runway beauty looks from The Collections! For Spring/Summer 2013, the showing designers worked with M.A.C Cosmetics Senior Artists...
TFW S/S13 - Rachel Sin

TFW S/S13 – Rachel Sin

TRENDS THRIVE IN AN UNFUSSY COLLECTION     Story by Odessa Paloma Parker Runway photos by Raymond Chow (Canada Wears) Backstage beauty photo by Odessa Paloma Parker Rachel Sin creates clothing for those not interested in the avant garde, exaggerated or outré. Known for her wearable, wardrobe-building pieces, Sin – a former architect – knows how...

Moisturize Me

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN MOISTURE-PACKED BEAUTY PRODUCTS   Story by Karen Welcome Image & objects by Madison van Rijn The days are getting colder and your skin needs extra moisture to combat the weather’s drying effects. Exposure to frigid air can lead to cracked, dry skin that can weaken its elasticity. While you’re cozy...


DIVINE INSPIRATION FOR DRESS UP PARTIES & MORE     Photographed by Sean Penhall Makeup: Robert Weir (Ford Artists) and Meaghan Bell-Gregory Hair: Kelly Ann Araujo (Hair On The Avenue) Styling: Odessa Paloma Parker ( Models: Penelope (Elite Models); Tristan (Spot 6 Model Management); Wynston (Next Models) Makeup assistant: Janet Mason

Stick To It

DON’T LET SHORT-TERM DISTRACTIONS SPOIL YOUR LONG-TERM FITNESS GOALS – HERE’S HOW     Story by Jacquie Clancy Photo by Mike Lewis for Plaid Magazine (We Like To Work) For some people, working out every day is as natural as brushing their teeth. For others, getting into the routine of exercising regularly is a hard...

Do It Yourself: Winged Eyeliner

ALL EYES WILL BE ON YOU THANKS TO THIS NEW TUTORIAL BY ROBERT WEIR     Daunted by this season’s hottest style for eyes? Don’t be! Our beauty editor, Robert Weir, shows you how to achieve a quick and easy-to-apply winged eyeliner style from the gorgeous studio at Hair On The Avenue.

Katie Green

WE ASK THE BRAND COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER FOR 3 MEGA BRANDS WHAT’S IN HER MAKEUP BAG     As told to Amanda Elizabeth Smith I often joke that I must have been born with genes coded for fashion and beauty. It’s a love affair that is embedded deep in my DNA. As luck would have it,...

Candy Coated

NAIL THE SEASON’S COLOUR TREND WITH A SET OF HIGH-PIGMENT TIPS     Photographed by Joseph Saraceno ( Off figure styling: Tricia Hall (Ford Artists) Story by Jennifer Ng Over the past few years, we’ve seen cosmetic brands release all sorts of crazy nail polish colours.  There was a time (remember the 90s?) when all...

Forever Rouge

RED LIPSTICK IS THE SEASON’S HOTTEST TREND     Story by Karen Welcome Gwyneth Paltrow once said, “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin – that, and a kick-ass red lipstick.” Perhaps that is because red lipstick has always been associated with power, glamour and sex appeal. Plaid puts a spotlight...

Do It Yourself: Dark Lips

HAIR ON THE AVENUE TEAMS UP WITH PLAID TO BRING YOU EXPERT TIPS FOR THE PERFECT DARK POUT   Going to the dark side isn’t easy, but our beauty editor, Robert Weir, sure makes it seem that way in this new how-to video in collaboration with Hair On The Avenue!


WHY BRAIDS REMAIN AN ENCHANTING, ENDURING STYLE & HOW YOU CAN ACHIEVE THE LOOK     Photographed by Tony Di Lorenzo Makeup and hair: Wendy Rorong (for Moroccanoil/M.A.C Cosmetics/Plutino Group) Model: Alecsa (Ford Models) Story by Karen Welcome If there’s one thing that cannot be denied, it’s that women the world over are bound by...
5 Beauty Buys From The Grocery Store

5 Beauty Buys From The Grocery Store

EVERYDAY EATS ARE THE KEY TO A NATURALLY HEALTHY GLOW     Story by Jennifer Ng Illustration by James Harrison A few weeks ago, Plaid had the pleasure of speaking with Gina Schonberger, esthetician at Dean Salon and Esthetics. With 25 years experience behind her, we couldn’t wait to pick her brain about beauty. What...


FALL HAIR TRENDS GET A DRAMATIC LEAD IN THIS NEW FILM SHORT   We love Hair on the Avenue’s new trend video, Anastasi, which features the season’s top looks for tresses: tousled, the atomic bun, braids, and fringe (as well as makeup by our own Robert Weir). Prepare to get into character with a change...


INSPIRED BY FANCIFUL MODERN DESIGNS & DELIGHTFUL VINTAGE, LET THE UNUSUAL BE YOUR GUIDE TO FALL BEAUTY     Photographed by Ted Belton Makeup & hair: Erin Heather (using OCC Cosmetics and Bumble & Bumble) Styling: Erin MacDonald Nails: Lauren & Allison (for Pinky’s Nails) Model: Penelope B. (Elite Models) Stylist’s assistant: Kaitlyn Davies

Fall Beauty Trends

OUR PICKS FOR THE TOP LOOKS FOR YOU THIS SEASON     Story by Amanda Elizabeth Smith Plaid takes a moment to look at our favourite beauty trends for Fall 2012 that will give you a fresh and gorgeous start as the season approaches. Hair It’s all about dressing your hair up for any occasion....

Why We Loved Fashion Cares

A BACKSTAGE LOOK AT THE FINAL FASHION CARES     Story by Jennifer Ng Photos provided by M.A.C Cosmetics In its 25th and final year, M.A.C‘s fundraising féte, Fashion Cares, pulled out all the stops.  Models, dancers, makeup artists and more gathered to donate their time to the charities benefited by the event, including the...

Summer’s End

HOLD ON TO THE CAREFREE SPIRIT OF SUMMER WITH A BRONZED GLOW & RICH, ROMANTIC TONES     Photographed by Adam Levett Makeup & hair: Robert Weir  (using TRESemmé Hair Care for Ford Artists) Styling: Joelle Litt ( Model: Leah T. (Sutherland Models)

Fall Grooming Essentials

OUR TOP FIVE TIPS FOR ACHIEVING YOUR PERFECT LOOK     Story by Robert Weir Photos by Kris Steeves Grooming: Robert Weir (Ford Artists) Model: Bradley (Spot 6 Model Management) There are so many products that are geared towards women to help them look their best; what can men do to look great? As a...

Top 5 Hairsprays

KEEP YOUR ‘DO IN CHECK WITH OUR FAVE HAIR HOLDERS     Story by Amanda Elizabeth Smith Illustration by James Harrison What did the can of hairspray say to the strand of hair? “Hold it right there!” Bada boom bada bing…*crickets*. Seriously though, don’t you wish that your hair would just stay in place? It...

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